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Everyone in Grays Harbor deserves security they can count on. Now your family can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being safe and secure in Grays Harbor County. Local businesses can also take advantage of this special offer.

In our special arrangement with Monitronics, all Grays Harbor Online users can have this state-of-the-art wireless security protection installed at no cost.*

In the event of a security breach the Central Monitoring System is alerted. The professional dispatchers are trained to act quickly with precision and confidence whenever your system sends an alarm.

Whether your alarm has self-activated or you initiate the call for help, they follow strict alarm procedures to verify your alarm and signal situation. Within seconds after your signal, the appropriate police, fire, medical, or other authorities are dispatched to your home.

Your system is monitored by live personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round.

Your security system will sound a chime or alarm in your home or business, alerting you to access or activity so that you can act quickly and accordingly.

  • Door/window sensors to detect unwanted intrusions.
  • Indoor/outdoor motion sensor to sense movement within the home or outdoors, including decks and patio areas.
  • Listen-in and talk-back audio verification for communicating with Central Station to verify or cancel alarm.
  • Off-premise phone control for arming/disarming and checking system status when you're away.

When the system detects a problem, a message is transmitted to the Central Monitoring Station.

  • A window is forced open in the middle of the night.
  • An intruder is lurking around your patio furniture.
  • Your 11-year-old is late coming home from school.

Having "latchkey" kids home alone can be worrisome for parents. Your security system can help keep you children safe in your absence. For instance, when your children arrive home, they merely disarm the security system. If the system hasn't been disarmed by a programmed time, it will notify the Central Monitoring System. While they are home, the system monitors the premises and warns them of potential dangers. The unit can also call your office or pager, alerting you if they have not arrived home during the preset time.

Fill out the following online form to get your free high-tech security system complete with installation. All free getaways include roundtrip airfare, and two nights hotel accommodations for two.

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* = Details of free security system and installation:
Free security system includes hardwired installation of Simon wireless security system, 2 door/window sensors and 1 indoor/outdoor motions sensors. Recipients of free security systems agree to use live Monitronics monitoring of installed system at $32.95 per month.