Got A Pet? We will help you take care of them.

We at S&J Housekeeping understand the unique nature of owning a pet in Grays Harbor County. Very often because of the demands of our work schedule, we may not be able to provide the time and attention necessary to keep our trusted companions happy. And then there are those occasions when we travel where we simply are unable to bring our pets along.

Born first out of our love for animals, S&J Housekeeping has evolved as a pet care service in Grays Harbor County. We are a fully established, comprehensive pet care service offering professional and loving dog walking and pet sitting. Our top priority is that your pet receives the best care possible, when you cannot be there.

The strength of our company is based on the premise that each of our employees holds all animals in the highest regard and respect they deserve. If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to call. We look forward to working on your behalf in the future.

Telephone: 360 537-7289