S & J Housekeeping Service

P.O. Box 2054
Aberdeen, Washington
Telephone: 360 537-7289
Email: housekeeping@ghonline.com

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2054
Aberdeen, Washington
Telephone: (360) 537-7289
Contact Name(s): Sarah & Jennifer Anderson, Owners/Managers
E-mail: housekeeping@ghonline.com

Service Area: Grays Harbor County
Description of Services and Prices:  
   Housekeeping Services - Residential:
	We do almost any job the average person would consider housekeeping.
	$15.00 per hour if the customer provides the equipment and supplies.
	$25.00 per hour if we provide the equipment and supplies.
	We have a 4 hour minimum charge.
	We have teams of 2 or more available upon request.
	$25.00 additional fee for customers outside of our normal
	 service area.
   Other Services:
           Dog Walking   
           Grocery Shopping   
            Local Errands   
            Computer instruction   
            Pet Care    
           Internet Research     
Work we will not do:  
   Housekeeping Services - Residential:
	The outside of any and all windows
	Installing or removing storm windows
	Cleaning up animal messes
	Running self-cleaning ovens through their cycle, which normally takes
	   longer than the housekeeper is at the home
	Cleaning the inside of curio cases and china cabinets, unless 
	   released from liability, in writing
	Any job the housekeeper feels physically endangered doing
   If you need to postpone your scheduled cleaning, please try to do so 
   24 hours in advance.