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Credit Card Processing Equipment

Nationwide Acceptance specializes in complete and affordable credit card transaction solutions. Here are some of the products you could be using tomorrow:

CheckPak combines the modular OmniPak—including an Omni 396 payment terminal and a thermal printer—with VeriFone's reliable and accurate CR 600 check reader. The result is a convenient and space-saving solution that can handle all your check and credit transactions.

OmniPak combines a VeriFone Omni 396 terminal, a thermal printer and VeriFone SoftPay software into a complete solution for credit and debit at the point of sale.

Omni 3200 Payment System
First in the Omni 300 family, the Omni 3200 payment terminal gives merchants the consistent, reliable performance characteristic of VeriFone Omni terminals. Plus, it supports SoftPay software, a modular application for processing credit, debit, electronic benefits transfer and check transactions.

Omni 2650 Portable Payment Terminal
This portable, battery-powered payment terminal lets merchants bring the point of payment to the customer. It is also a smart choice for merchants who want to capitalize on emerging smart card applications and loyalty programs. The Omni 2650 terminal has a fully integrated smart card reader and thermal printer. An optional tethered cable locks the Omni 2650 into a base for online transaction processing.

Omni 470 Integrated Payment Terminal
Three units in one, the Omni 470 terminal combines the functionality of a terminal, a thermal printer and a PIN pad into one compact, countertop unit. The terminal supports debit and credit transactions and check verification. The terminal's integrated PIN pad safeguards encrypted data through Master/Session and DUKPT (derived unique key per transaction) key management methods.

Omni 460 Modular Payment Terminal
The Omni 460 combines a terminal and printer for credit and debit processing at the point of sale. The unit features a single or dual magnetic-stripe card reader and 24-column dot matrix impact printer. An optional PIN pad or smart card reader plugs into the unit to handle debit and stored value card transactions.

PrintPak 350
Create the compact, countertop solution you need with this modular unit. Start with a quiet, modular thermal printer that is setting the industry standard for speed and print quality. Then add a VeriFone Tranz or Omni payment terminal to complete your integrated unit. The PrintPak 350 can emulate both the VeriFone Printer 250 and Printer 900 with no application changes.

PrintPak 310
When space is at a premium and quality is essential, the PrintPak 310 sprocket printer is the answer you've been looking for. A modular solution, it links seamlessly with Omni and Tranz terminals—freeing up counter space. Yet it provides the speed and performance of the best standalone printers in its class.

We approve 99% of all applications and can get you approved even if you have less than perfect credit.

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