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The Outlaw Fishing Guide, Grays Harbor County, Washington

Outlaw Fishing Guide Sponsored by Peninsula Boats

Volume 2, Issue 2

Surf and Jetty Special

OK gang in this issue, I'm going to give you all you need to know about onshore ocean fishing. First off you're going to need at least a 9 ft. pole with up to 50 lbs. Test capability, ½- ¾ oz 5/0 jigs, shrimp gun, large lock swivels, three-way swivels, 30-50lbs. Steel leaders, 3-6 oz lead sinkers, multi colored rubber worms, twin tails, hoochie skirts, elastic thread ( what I call crap wrap), and 3/0-5/0 hooks. I know it looks like a lot of stuff, on paper, but all this gear fit in a large flat tackle box. If you have this stuff great, if not go to Englund marine in Westport or Dennis Co. in So. Aberdeen to get it. This fishing is very fast and very fun. I've always said; A fish every cast and when it gets slow it's a fish every other cast It's not uncommon to hang 40 fish in a 4 hour tidal phase, whether from a boat or from the rocks. This kind of fishing is a nice filler in between seasons, especially if you jonze for fishing like me.

Now that you're ready, check your tide book. Be on the beach or the jetty 2hrs. before the bottom end of the low tide. Use your shrimp gun to suck bait, (if you're going for Perch), gear up, and go for it!

What I look for when Surf Perch fishing is a tapered beach, meaning a deeper slope of beach, with shrimp beds nearby. Most Perch range in 3-10 ft. of water, using the turbulence of the surf to bring food to them. These fish are extremely opportunistic and voracious feeders. After whipping these fish into frenzy with live bait, I told my clients to throw on a chunk of pink rubber worm, and what do you know , we caught as many with artificial bait. The trick is to fish the low tide up with positioning to a food source. 3 to 5 wave sets are perfect! Avoid fishing in an East wind, this wind for some reason screws everything up, probably barometric pressure. The lateral line of the fish senses the change and the bite goes off.

OK, now that you know the when, where, and the why, let's talk about the how. The gear needed is 3/O hooks, 3-way swivels, 3-6 oz weights, sand shrimp, and crapwrap. Rig the weight on the bottom with a leader to the 3-way and tie the hook leader 8-10" from the 3-way and of course tie on your main line. Fold the shrimp in half and hook it through the head, push it through to the tail, and use the hook's loop to hold the bait. Then, wrap it with elastic thread a couple of times. This will hold the bait on the hook when pitching to the waves. If you don't feel hard tugs within 3 minutes from the cast, then you're too early, too late, or in the wrong spot. Also, remember the little Surf Perch are notorious for ripping the bait off the hook. Their mouths are too small to ingest the bait whole, so they suck it off. From my experience, the small fish bite first, then the medium sized ones, and then the big ones. The big ones hit so hard that they've hurt many a wrist of Surf Anglers, myself included. The current limit for Surf Perch is 15 per day, so take the information provided and use it.

I don't know about you, but I think of jetty fishing when I am salmon or steelhead fishing, for me, this, like surf fishing, is a great way to hang out on the big water without a lot of cost. The really neat thing about jetty fishing is you never know what you'll catch. Lingcod, Black rock bass, Green ling, Cabezon, Striped perch, Flounder, Red Irish Lord, and small sharks. The tide times are the same as surf fishing, what you use to fish from is all you. I'll write about rock hopping. I've found using a back pack with plastic bags is the easiest way to get where you're going. Load your bait and gear in the pack, tie your rod on, and go for it. Its also easiest to fillet your catch on the rocks, this saves the bags from spines and a mess in the pack and clothes. When on the jetty try blue, brown, or white rubber worms. Twin tails and hoochie skirts. After finding what the fish are biting on never horse them in. I've seen a lot of broken poles out there and pissed off anglers. Remember your license, sunscreen, fillet knife, pliers, suds and grub.

Here is a sore subject with a growing number of hunters and fishermen. Our state has again gone behind the people and has implemented a new license policy using your social security number as a tracker. The major drawback to this is DSHS calls the shots. If this sneaky little trick is allowed to come to fruition this act will have so many avenues of legally ripping you off. Let's start with this one. What it's designed for is DEAD BEAT DADS. No Pay to the state, No Play in the state. If all child support payments were brought to date then possibly you can go fishing. If you get caught fishing without your license, then fines are levied and re-issue is nullified. So, now there are two strikes against you. You do the math: I owe for this, now I owe for that…plus interest or possible jail time. In the beauracracy that ensues the parties involved divvy up the money before you go to court! Also, left unchecked this can merge into a normal way of doing business. What we call a right is now a privilege! Let's say you have parking tickets or civil judgements against you, a newly created office can hold your hunting or fishing rights hostage, making food gathering an offense until all fines are paid. Survival can be against the law. Dead beat dads are clearly a social problem that's been around since recorded history. I guess what bothers me most is having to use my social security number.

Privacy is in the toilet, you stand in line at the sporting section, rattle off the number, and someone overhears and remembers it. They go home, slam it on their computer, and your history is now theirs. Do you see where I'm going with this? If you owe money for anything, there could be an office created to collect by taking your rights away by using your social security number. This is just the start. Presently I feel Washington state has too many laws on a growing population and runs its affairs like a multi level marketing scheme. The money goes to those who make up the rules. Wasn't I-695 supposed to limit the states power, or am I just dead wrong and running my mouth. Other than that, the new licenses look like ski lift tickets. Since I'm pissed about this, you should be too. Before it's to late, the more people that know what can happen with this policy and its spin-offs, the quicker we can delete it and the people who are responsible for legal extortion!!

Keep the emails coming! Email me @ And, of course, if I don't see you out there, that's more fish for me.

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Outlaw Fishing Guide Sponsored by Peninsula Boats

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