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         Successful E-Commerce Solutions by Web Masters Ink

Why Should I Advertise On The Internet?

  • To Establish a Presence
    Approximately 50 million people access the World Wide Web. No matter what your business is, you cannot ignore such a substantial number of consumers. To be part of that community and show that you are interested in serving it, you need to be on the Internet. You know your competitors are.

  • To Network
    Passing out your business card is part of every good meeting and every business person can tell more than one story of how a chance meeting turned into the big deal. What if you could pass out your business card to thousands, maybe millions of potential clients saying this is what I do and if you are ever in need of my services, "this is how you can reach me." You can, 24 hours a day, inexpensively and simply, on the Internet.

  • To Make Business Information Available
    What is basic business information? Think of your advertisement in the newspaper. What are your hours? What do you do? How can someone contact you? What methods of payment do you take? Where are you located? Now think of an ad where you have instant communication. What is today's special? Today's interest rate? Next week's parking lot sale information? Keep your customers informed of every reason why they should do business with you. This will help you do more business. The Internet can do this for you.

  • To Serve Your Customer
    You can make business information available to pre-qualify potential buyers without tying up your staff with lengthy phone calls. You can allow your customer to type in a product and check it against a database that tells what is available in your store. All this can be done simply and quickly on the Internet.

  • To Heighten Public Interest
    With web page information, anyone anywhere who can access the Web and hears about your business is a potential visitor to your information and a potential customer for your business.

  • To Sell Your Product
    You probably consider the telephone# a tool that allows you to communicate with your customer, which in turn helps you sell things. Well, that's how we think you should consider the Internet. The technology is different, of course, but before people decide to become customers, they want to know about you, what you do and what you can do for them.

  • To Reach a Highly Desirable Demographic Market
    The demographics of the Internet user are probably the highest mass-market demographics available. Internet users are usually college-educated and make a higher salary than the national average. Even with the addition of the commercial online community, the demographics will remain high for many years to come.

  • To Create a 24-Hour Service
    Web pages serve the client, customer and partner 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And you don't have to pay overtime either. The Web can customize information to match needs and collect important data that will put you ahead of the competition, even before they get into the office.

  • To Allow Feedback From Customers
    With a Web page, you can ask for feedback on your products or information and receive it instantaneously with no extra cost.

  • To Serve Your Local Market
    We've talked about the power to serve the world with a Web page but even more important is your connection to the community you serve. There are local customers throughout Northeast Ohio with Web access to make it worth your while to consider Web advertising. Web users are turning to the Internet more and more for the local events, entertainment and news they need to feel connected. Now, you can be a part of that community. But no matter where you are, potential customers are on the Web and you should be there, too.


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