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Why Should I get on the Internet?

There are a number of valid reasons to get your own site on the Internet. Among them are:

  1. Increase your customer base without adding employees.

  2. Compete on a global scale.

  3. Share your market-changing ideas with the world.

  4. The entrance barriers are low and the benifits high.
But by far the most important reason is to get a jump on your competition.



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or Why Should I Put My Business On The Internet?

A question that I do not get asked much anymore is, "Why should I put my business on the internet?" The question I get more often lately is, "What will it take to put my business on the internet and how fast can I get on-line?"

Most people realize, now more than ever, that the internet and the World Wide Web are not just a fad or for computer nerds only.

Computer technology is easing its way into every household. We can no longer bury our head in the sand and say, "Well, that computer stuff is not for me." The fact of the matter is that very soon, if you have a television and a phone in your home you will be on-line.

The current wave of technology suggests that in the very near future the television, computer and telephone will become one product.

FREE MONEY is not a catch-phrase that I came up with. I have picked-up those two words as they have been repeated by several of my business clients who have recently put their businesses on the www. I hear it in phrases like, "This is free money. These orders come in from all over the planet with no added overhead."

Take AIM

Here are some advantages to being "on-line"
  • Advertising - Unlike television, radio and regular print based advertising, the whole advertisement is very cost effective to produce and keep in place - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • Interactivity - The www also allows interactive responses from those that view Websites, making market research and rapid responses to enquiries with a simple click of a mouse. The superior advantage of e-mail as a form of communication and the internet as a form of delivering data is quickly replacing print media, mail promotions, even phone and fax communication.

  • Marketing - If your product is of interest anywhere in the country or if you are seeking contacts in foreign countries, a Website is an ideal vehicle for furthering communication and sales ambitions in these areas. With the use of an integrated strategy, sales orders can be taken on-line and processed in the normal way. Using the www you can target market to potential clients in the next town, county, state or even country.

The Internet and the Web can do a lot for almost any business, be it a small restaurant in a holiday town seeking additional customers to a large company reinforcing brand image across the globe.

If you could expand your market area to reach outside the local area for less than $20 a month reaching millions of potential clients would you do it?

This is why my clients no longer ask, "Why?"
but "How? What do I need?" and "How fast?"

There seems to be a sense of urgency. The first businesses to take advantage of the internet will have the advantage over their competitors in this arena giving the smaller companies the upper hand. Large corporations are slower to change their marketing, but smaller companies can adapt quickly and inexpensively.

If you would like more information on how your business can benefit from establishing an internet presence, feel free to contact me via e-mail at or call me at Web Masters Ink at 360-538-5809 during normal business hours.

An on-line sampling of packages and prices from GHOnline are available to give you a better idea of what to expect. You can get started for less than 50 cents a day.

If you have any further questions feel free to call (360) 538-5809
for more information

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